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    Totem Road Sustainable Solid Oak Dining Table


    We’re excited to have brought the vibrancy of Craig Ruddy’s latest Mi Casa es Tu Casa exhibition to our Paddington Showroom and are delighted to introduce you to Craig and the story behind his latest exhibition.

    Craig explores the space between real and mythical in his dramatic figurative portraits, interwoven into richly textured abstract landscapes. His latest collection layers various mediums to combine free flowing sensitive lines with a vibrant dynamic colour palette which aligns perfectly with the Totem Road collection of authentic, sustainable furniture.

    What does the Mi Casa es Tu Casa collection reflect to you?

    It reflects a meaningful connection with my muse and friends that I've drawn inspiration from over the past few months.

    Totem Road Sustainable Solid Oak Dining Table

    What was the creative process like behind the exhibition?

    The concept was created by my partner Roberto Meza who wanted to create a space that was beyond just a gallery space. His idea was to combine my latest works with furniture, plants, organic wines and sparkling water so people can take their time to enjoy the artworks and relax in the space.

    What is it about Totem Road furniture that you feel compliments the collection?

    Totem Road has beautiful furniture and their dedication to sustainability really resonates with our integrity as a brand. Living in the Hinterland of Byron Bay, I have a close relationship with nature, so Totem Road’s connection to nature and design made it a natural fit.

    Totem Road Sustainable Solid Oak Stools

    Which Totem Road furniture piece is your favourite?

    TheTotem Stools are my favourite and they looked perfect styled alongside the artworks in the space.

    Do you have anything exciting coming up that you can share with us?

    There are a few projects in the pipeline but nothing I can share at the moment. Be sure to visit our website and Instagram to keep up-to-date with new projects we have coming up.

    Totem Road Sustainable Solid Oak Furniture

    Experience the Mi Casa Es Tu Casa exhibition artworks by Craig Ruddy at our Totem Road Paddington Showroom located at Shop 3/188 Oxford St, Paddington NSW 2021 or contact our friendly team for further details on (02) 8021 3789