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    With your experience in the Australian Fashion and Textile Industry, what inspired you to launch In The Sac?

    David and I have been in the textiles industry for over 20 years with running of our parent company Martin & Savage and with that, we've been able to travel the world to meet with sources and suppliers. While we were travelling through Europe early on and we had the opportunity to sleep in the most beautiful bed linen and soon realised that there was nothing quite like this in Australia. Which is where the idea for In The Sac was bornover ten years ago.

    Share with us how your beautiful products come to life from harvest to bedroom?

    Our luxurious bedding is weaved from 100% all natural linen, which is grown in the Netherlands exclusively for In The Sac. We carefully plan and control every step of the process from the initial harvest, right through to the product arriving in your home. With our textile expertise and contacts, we've been able to work with the best of the best and our growers in the Netherlands offer the highest quality flax which really sets the benchmark for the luxury products we're able to deliver.

    We're in love with your collection and are delighted to have it in-store at Totem Road. Can you tell us how you find inspiration for the colours and textures you use?

    With 20 years’ experience as a buyer and designer and working closely with our suppliers for our second business which is a Home textile division, I have access to global trending forecast. I then select the colour direction understanding what will work in our market.  

    I’ve been able to learn which colours will be the focus for the season and now it comes so naturally. I'm now able to use my intuition to predict which colours and textures to feature in our next collections.

    What are your styling tips for those wanting to create their own luxury bedroom sanctuary?

    Less is more when it comes to styling your bedroom. My first piece of advice would be to not over clutter your space and to be mindful of the colours you use depending on the size of your space. If you're working with an open space then you can use deeper colours to add a sense of cosiness. However, if you're styling a smaller space then I always recommend choosing lighter colours to add a sense of spaciousness. I always love to include plants when styling a bedroom as it brings a nice balance and to me personally it’s a little reminder to get up and amongst nature with a coffee before my day starts.

    What are the essentials people should think about when looking for bed linen?

    Your bed linen should always be soft to touch from the beginning before you wash it. Then it really comes down to the finishes, weight and density of your linen that will determine it's true quality.

    What is your favourite Totem Road piece and why?

    TheMuse Bed is my favourite as it's slimline and low base adds a new dimension to the bedroom. Its minimalistic design appeals to me, as it's unencumbered look means that you can layer your bedding and style it how you like.

    Is there anything exciting you have coming up that you can share with us?

    We have some exciting and out of the norm new concepts being brought to life with our next seasons collection. I can’t give away too much. So make sure you keep an eye out for what's to come.

    Experience the In The Sac collection at our Paddington store located at Shop 3/188 Oxford St, Paddington NSW 2021 or get in touch so we can help you discover the perfect bedding for your bedroom -

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