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    Where did the story begin for Laal?

    With a casual conversation 2 years ago about the kind of product we would like to buy - simple design, Australian made at a range of price points and with the ability for customisation. We felt that there was a niche and decided to see if we could fill it. It all happened spontaneously and organically! 

    What is it like creating as a brother and sister duo?

    Surprisingly really good and easier than we thought. We know each other so well and we are so comfortable with each other that we can have the hard conversations, we can disagree with one another and we can argue really efficiently. We can be 100% honest with each other and challenge each other without the fear of upsetting the other which helps us push our own boundaries and get to better results.

    We love how you reimagine classic shapes to create designs to last beyond the season's trends. What is your secret to remaining innovative?

    We avoid looking at the current marketplace and we keep reminding each other to source inspiration in obscure places. We also go through a process when we design of stripping back the unnecessary so that the final result is clean, minimal and somewhat sculptural so that each piece has a strong language that our customers can connect with. The ability to customise also allows for each piece to take on a new language and be completely unique and responsive to the space its in so that it can stand the test of time.

    How would you describe your own personal interiors style?

    Lydia - I'm all about a neutral colour palette, natural materials and texture! I like to decorate by layering textures in similar tones. And I love, love, love art - specifically black and white etchings and stencils.

    Andre - I am pretty obsessed with mixing different shades of white and brutalist shapes and items with stories or sentimental memories or meanings behind them - heirloomism is something I’ve been researching into a fair bit.

    What is your favourite Totem Road sustainable furniture piece and why?

    Wynter Dining Table - It's aesthetic is clean, well balanced and 'heavy'- and I really enjoy pairing natural solid oak pieces like this, with their natural colour and texture, with our lighting such as the Popper Pendants. The Popper's are thin, light, curvaceous and made of powder coated metal- the juxtaposition of the two distinctly different languages always compliment each other.

    Is there any exciting news that you can share with us of what is next for Laal?

    There is always something exciting happening at LAAL but we don't really plan too far ahead. We just let things happen when they need to happen. We are always working on new product so we are working towards some new product launches next year when we really start to pick up the pace.

    Experience the Laal collection at our Paddington store located at Shop 3/188 Oxford St, Paddington NSW 2021.