August 17, 2017

Aside from your loved one, the first thing you're likely to see when you wake up is your bedside. It's one of the most intimate elements in any home and strongly reflects an individual's personality.  

As well as being practical for storing and placing things we need by our side, the choice of a Bedside should complement one's style. We have put together a quick Style guide with some tips on how to choose the best Bedside to suit your personality.


Great bedside styling relies on a  balance of height, colour, textures and shapes to suit your bed and the overall feel of your bedroom. 

- Sometimes not matching your bedside pieces will give your bedroom a uniqueness in style.

- Use the harmony of natural fibres and a consistent palette of colours to tie mismatched pieces together.

- Use textured baskets to store extra throws and blankets.

- Mix it up with a selection of storage, bedsides and stools to create an eclectic look.



The Luna Bedside

- Chose a bedside that is the right size to home your night time needs such as; books, reading glasses and lamps.  

- Look for clean lines in a bedside that don't create visual noise and instead act as a background to highlight the beauty of your accessories.

- Style your bedside with an elegant lamp that is not too large for the space and in proportion with your bedhead. Aim to have the light at chin height if you are sitting up reading to avoid glare. 

- A hint of metal when accessorising will add a touch of luxury to your bedside.



The Niven Bedside

- A clean spacious bedroom reflects and maintains a healthy state of mind.

- Strip back the inessentials and get some extra storage in your bedside to create a room that promotes wellbeing.

- Decluttering  will also help you to sleep better.

- Natural textures and light colour palettes are perfect for an oceanside bedroom.

- The modernity of white lines combined with natural wood can add a contemporary and stylish yet informal feel to a room. 



 The Muse Bedside

Sometimes less is more, and the minimal movement of the last few years has proven that "buying less but better things" makes us happier. So in order to make good choices about what to buy, paying attention to detail and prioritising quality is key. 

- Questions to ask: How is this made? Is it made to last? Can this survive daily wear and tear?

- Textures and how things feel are important to consider, we are tactile beings not just visual. So the choice of materials is important. Bringing wood and natural fibres in to a room will also add an essence of quality and elegance.

- Look for uninterrupted lines in the design, see that the bedside follows the line of the bed. Generally a good bedside height should be roughly the height of your mattress.



Sustainable Solid Oak Stools

There are no rules when it comes to the creative mind.  So how about a non traditional bedside or no bedside at all?

- Solid Oak Stools make sturdy night time companions. They make a great foundation for adding interesting and heavier accessories.

- Add tertiary colours to pop and contrast with natural wood tones.

- Play with stool sizes to create interesting heights and layering arrangements.

- Bring nature back into the home. Plants are the ultimate accessory for any bedside table. 


Portrait Photography: Peter Van Alphen

Stylist: Anisha Mistry    Model: Renee


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