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    With Christmas just days away, we asked two of our favourite interior design experts to share their top tips on styling a home for the festive season. If you’re looking for some last-minute inspiration to create a memorable and effortless space this Christmas then you’ve come to the right place. 

    My best advice at Christmas is to be true to your own personal style and surround yourself with what makes you happy. For me, I’m most at peace in uncluttered spaces, so my festive styling is a fairly pared-back affair with a focus on quality over quantity.

    When it comes to decorating the tree, I recommend sticking with two to three colours for cohesion, and a mix of different materials to add interest. I’m currently loving Nordic paper decorations, which I mix with some wooden ones that I’ve been collecting from year to year.

    Christmas is also a time for creating traditions. With sustainability in mind, I love bringing out the same decorations each year, including those made lovingly by the kids. When it comes to wrapping presents, use recycled kraft paper - not only is it eco-conscious, it looks beautifully understated paired with simple black ribbon or string.

    In addition to the tree, place a few select pieces here and there such as wreaths, paper trees and candles. Wreaths made with dried flowers are great for longevity. I brought out last year’s one and gave it a boost with some extra dried flowers and a touch of colour. I’m also a big fan of sensory styling, and Christmas is the perfect time to create a space that appeals to all the senses. I’m currently loving the Jo Malone London scented candles in Pine & Eucalyptus, and I’m looking forward to filling the house with the smell of Christmas baking! 


    I always start by picking a colour scheme or theme to ensure the look and feel of the space is consistent. Whether it’s a colour palette like silver and green or a theme like The Australian Bush, if you commit to it, the visual impact will be much greater.

    Given my home is a light, neutral beach house, I prefer to steer away from traditional “heavy” styling at Christmas time. The deep red and green palette rarely compliments my interior so I like to stick with a neutral palette with on-trend hues such as sage green and terracotta. I love incorporating these colours into a table setting over a natural linen tablecloth. I might also add some brass elements such as candle holders and cutlery as a nod to the traditional metallics we see during the festive season. 

    Another great way to tie the room together is to keep your table setting consistent with the decorations on your tree! Timber ornaments are my preference but sometimes I opt to hang a handmade macrame tree (that my mother and I made together) on the wall instead for something a little more subtle.


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