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    As your plants begin to awaken from their winter dormancy, it’s the perfect time to ensure they have everything they need to thrive throughout Spring and into Summer. We’ve compiled our top tips for caring for your indoor greenery to ensure they are luscious, thriving and bring you home to nature.


    As the days become warmer, your plants begin to produce new growth. This means they need a little more space to grow. Start caring for your indoor plants by assessing which ones need to be repotted or potted-up. This will provide extra nourishment and help prevent your precious plant from becoming root-bound, supporting its growth through the warmer months. 


    As your plants awaken from their Winter ‘hibernation’ they are in need of more nutrition to support their growth. That’s why we recommend providing the extra nutrients they need, in the form of organic fertiliser, to achieve optimum health. Remember to dilute your fertiliser to prevent any damage to your plant's sensitive roots and to research what you specific plant needs.


    Spring is also the perfect time to bring your plants to life with a trim. Most indoor plants originate from very tropical or arid environments, meaning they can sometimes struggle with their new growing conditions. As a result, indoor plants will turn yellow, drop leaves or wilt. Use this season to remove any unhealthy leaves and help your plant re-direct it’s energy to producing new, green growth. 


    As the light and temperature changes, it’s important to adjust the position of your indoor plants. Let your cacti and succulents enjoy the warmer, sunnier spots in your home to prevent your tropical plants from getting too much sun. You can even start placing some plants outdoors in a protected area to support their Spring growth. Another element to consider when repositioning your plants is how you want your interior to look an feel. Try to arrange them in a way that is unique to your personal style and also allows them to flourish.


    Throughout Winter your indoor plants (especially leafy tropicals) accumulate dust that can often prevent photosynthesis and respiration. To help your plants thrive, give them a Spring clean by gently wiping away the dust from both sides of their leaves. You can keep them looking fresh by spraying them with an organic leaf-shine which will support their wellbeing and deter pests. 

    Now that you know how to care for your indoor plants this Spring come explore our range of thriving indoor plants at our showroom in Paddington. Our friendly team can help you choose the perfect plant for a luscious space will bring you home to nature.


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