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    We chat with Hayley & Roger Mason of Settler Hives to discuss their holistic approach to life and business. Driven by their passion for simple, authentic living, they have woven these values into their everyday life and environmentally friendly business. 

    Can you tell us a little bit about yourselves and the journey that led you to becoming beekeepers? 

    Our name Settler Hives started as an Instagram account to show our friends and family how interesting we were finding bees and our hilarious amateur attempts at beekeeping. It grew because we enjoyed sharing what we learnt. We knew we'd love to make a living working together, but not by being commercial beekeepers with hundreds of hives (that's a whole lot of km’s, high risk in hive losses and a serious amount of time). So, we kept brainstorming, it was our favourite thing to talk about. What we could do to help the whole ‘loss of pollinator’ scenario but in a way that was us. 

    It was a whole year after getting our backyard bees (with many beers and coffee conversations) when one day the idea of Settler Hives as you know it just dropped. We were in the car together and Hayley turned to me with a big smile on her face and said ‘Seeds! To feed the bees!’ 

    What inspired you to launch your business, Settler Hives? 

    We're not afraid to have a little less and live a little more we decided. We just want to hang out together, every day and do what we love. Which is spending time in the sunshine, laughing, entertaining Scarlett (our three-year-old), experiencing new things, and being present. So really our goals in business are to support how we live and inspire more than make an empire.  

    What sustainable business practices have you adopted to ensure your work treads lightly on the environment?

    We felt we could help eliminate the fear that everyday people seem to have about trying to grow something. When really, it's all about trial and error and enjoying the satisfaction of being a part of new growth. Then there are practical packaging practices like working with suppliers like 'the better packaging co' and local printers that use vegetable-based ink and have healthy recycling practices themselves.

    What are the benefits of growing our own flowers, herbs, and greens from seed? Can you tell us three simple ways we can make our gardens pollinator-friendly? 

    There is a sense of achievement from having your hand in growing something that will make you brag at dinner parties. We love food, bees pollinate food (multiplying it) and bees eat flowers. The more we support our beautiful ecosystem the better produce we will have on our plates.

    All you need is space to put a pot of dirt that sees a good dose of six hours of sunshine a day and some courage to plant a little seed (and the memory to water it). Nectar and pollen flowers will feed the bees!

    How would you describe your design philosophy when it comes to curating your interiors?

    We're finding the less we have the better we feel. So, we're more intentional about the pieces we choose to be in our home.

    How has beekeeping changed your perception of the world around you and what advice would you give to an aspiring beekeeper?

    Beekeeping has made us look up at the gum trees and see when they are in bloom. And notice the weather, the temperature and rainfall particularly. Like we're now looking out for the bees, for what environment they thrive in.

    Get involved in your local bee keeping club. It's a source of knowledge, keeping bees are not a hobby you can forget about there are serious risks of disease spread if not managed properly.

    Which Totem Road pieces are you loving at the moment? 

    Totem Road has the most beautiful aesthetic and feels like you're bringing a piece of the outdoors inside. We love the Totem Stools.

    Discover more about Settler Hives on their Instagram here

     Photography by Sabine Bannard