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    Meet Elle Green, the photographer behind the Californian Desert prints that have just arrived at our Paddington Gallery. 

    We sat down with Elle to discover why being a farmer’s daughter impacted her outlook on sustainable design and how she began documenting her daily adventures traveling the world with skaters and surfers.

    What inspired you to pursue a career in photography? 

    I've always been a dreamer and some may say "delusional" even, but what artist isn't those things? I grew up on a farm on the Yorke Peninsula in South Australia and although I played outside a lot as a kid, I still loved watching movies, acting in our local drama theatre, listening to music and quoting American television shows. I was always going to be a creative and I was gifted my first '82 Nikkormat SLR when I was 14 and I never looked back.

    How would you describe your photographic style? How has it evolved over time?

    I guess starting out you just shoot what you see and do, like your friends from school, road trips and hanging out at the beach. "Here's a camera go shoot everything" is what my art teacher would tell me and that's what I still do today. How I evolved that into 'something' was making books, zines, blogging and doing a few exhibitions internationally showcasing one whole story at a time. I used to go on numerous trips to Japan and the USA visiting friends and shooting my travels. The portraits and landscapes tie in together and that's what I like to shoot.

    What is your favourite part of the creative process?

    I love the entire process. Even editing as that's when I'll bring in my colour grades which I already had in mind when shooting. Above all, I love the shooting process, quickly swapping out cameras from 120mm to 35mm to DSLR to Polaroid back to 120mm and lens changes over and over, it's super exciting and my heart goes wild in those moments because you can't get enough of it. That means I'm doing what I am meant to do and I'm where I am meant to be.

    What drew you to showcasing your prints in the Totem Road Paddington Gallery?

    I honestly feel like the overall look and aesthetic of the gallery looks like my home in Bondi, a little bit beachy with desert vibes and my travel photos hanging everywhere. The Californian Desert photos I've chosen to hang in store compliments the muted tones of Totem Road's solid white oak furniture, linen bed sheets and especially all the scattered coloured crystals. The Palo Santo they burn in the store also reminds me of the scent in the air when I took these pictures.

      Why is sustainable design important to you?

      Being a Farmer's daughter, I can see the effects of what our "throwaway" generation has produced. We don't need more landfill and single-use items anymore as we are full up. So designing sustainable, long-lasting, meaningful objects whether it’s furniture or stainless steel water bottles will help our future generations live a healthy life. You will pass down a properly sourced dining table to your children as it has had a good life and was made with good intentions.

      How do you hope people will feel having one of your prints in their home?

      I hope they feel inspired to daydream.

      Head into the Totem Road Paddington Showroom this weekend to view Elle Green's latest work, Californian Desert and discover our collection of sustainable furniture and gifts in time for the festive season.


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