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    TOTEM ROAD TIPS: Create a Sleep Ritual

    • 1 min read

    What you smell is as important as what you see. Studies have shown that certain smells have calming effects on the body.

    Create a night-time ritual of burning candles or essential oils that will prepare your mind for sleep. 

    • Lavender scent can help to induce sleep and reduce anxiety levels. It has been shown to slow down the heart rate, lower blood pressure and levels of stress.
    • Frankincense and myrrh essential oils have been used in combination in rituals since 1500 bc. Now recent investigationsconfirm that their effect when combined has antimicrobial effects on air-born pathogens. So not only does this smell good but also “cleanses the air” which will make you feel good. Healthier air means a healthier sleep.

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