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    We sat down with Eleanor Pendleton of Gritty Pretty to discuss her authentic approach to styling and sustainable living. Eleanor appreciates the importance of honest, purpose-driven design that exceeds industry standards and it's seen in her furniture choices throughout her home. 

    How have you designed your home to reflect your own authentic style?

    During my early 20s, I floated from rental to rental along the way inheriting pieces of mismatched furniture not at all reflective of my style. I had always dreamed of owning my own home but could never bring myself to invest in lifetime pieces until I finally lived in that dream place.

    Two years ago, my fiancé and I purchased our first property – a two-bedroom garden apartment with high 2.8m ceilings in Freshwater on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

    Living in Freshwater has definitely had an influence on my interiors style. I wanted to make conscious decisions when selecting sustainable furniture pieces that would last so I opted for timber oak to flow throughout complementing the white walls, high ceilings and white-washed floors – the space has a calm, coastal yet subtle Scandinavian feel. Totem Road was my go-to with the Luxa Mirror and Maebry Entertainment Unit being two of our investment pieces. My interiors style is minimal, fresh and refined but also reflective of the nature that surrounds. When I walk into my home, I want it to make me feel light, airy and at peace.

    Which materials are you drawn to when styling your interiors?

    I definitely have noticed an organic pull towards natural materials such as solid oak. I think growing up on the New South Wales Central Coast and having called the Northern Beaches home for over 5 years now, being near the ocean is something I’ve always known – I don’t know any different and I feel really unsettled if I’m not near the sea at a time. I think this influence definitely has an effect on my approach to interiors; wanting to be surrounded by natural elements.

    What colours do you love to incorporate into your home? 

    We have soft greys that flow throughout our bedroom and soft pinks throughout our living room that really all stemmed subconsciously from our artwork by Vicki Lee x Ted O’Donnell. We’re in the midst of turning our guest room into a nursery, which will have a beige and solid oak colour palette. We want it to be calming for our baby and feel void of any gender colour stereotypes.

    Which room in your home do you love the most? Are there any features that make it special? 

    I love our bedroom. It’s drenched in sunlight every morning that pours through our large windows. When the sheer drapes are flowing and I wake up to the sight of our beautiful olive tree, it’s just heavenly.

    How have you incorporated sustainability into your home? Are there any tips to sustainable living you can share with us?

    We try to make a conscious effort to recycle – we save all of our soft plastics and drop them off to our local supermarket to be recycled. We save all of our used Nespresso coffee capsules and post them in an Australia Post satchel so they can be recycled properly at a recycling plan in Nowra and where they’ll turn our coffee capsules into things like bicycles and Swiss army knives. And, at night – we try to minimise electricity use and have dinner with candlelight, which is a great excuse to prioritise date nights at home.

    Which Totem Road pieces do you have in your home? 

    I currently have the Luxa Mirror and Maebry Entertainment Unit. The next pieces on my list are two white Totem Stools.

    Discover more about Eleanor Pendleton of Gritty Pretty online here. 


    Luxa Mirror 

    Maebry Entertainment Unit 

    Totem Stool