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    It’s our mission to tread lightly and continually reduce our footprint, which is what inspired us to share our insights into how you too can make a sustainable impact at home. So, grab your favourite warm beverage and let’s dive into a few steps we can all introduce into our lifestyle to create a positive impact.

    Be Forward Thinking

    We believe that people are looking to depart from mass consumerism and are remembering that quality is more important than quantity when it comes to creating a sanctuary to call home. We encourage the conscious selection of products that take and give back in equal measure. Our advice to consider when shopping for furniture is to be forward thinking and consider your future needs so that you can select timeless pieces that will evolve with your interiors over time.

    Tread Lightly

    To us treading lightly is a consistent practice of being mindful about what you choose to bring into your home and life. While evolving to achieve the most responsible stewardship of the plant possible. Some simple ways you can begin treading lightly in your home are to consider the materials your products are made from, the lifecycle of products and the impact their production has on the planet.

    Consider The Packaging

    Packaging is something we can easily forget to consider when purchasing a new piece for our home, however, it’s essential to think about the complete journey your product goes on from being crafted to arriving in your home.

    Each of our pieces arrive securely packed in fully recyclable and biodegradable packaging. We choose not to package our pieces in petrochemical-based packaging such as polystyrene due to its large manufacturing footprint, the toxic substances it contains and its lack of biodegradability. Our commitment to being mindful about the packaging your sustainable furniture arrives in means that you can rest assured knowing that it won't contribute to landfill or harm the environment.

    Go Green

    Another way to style your home in a more sustainable way is to incorporate indoor plants into your space. Indoor plants are the perfect way to evoke a sense of tranquillity and connection, while creating a space that is authentic to you. Indoor plants not only look beautiful but they also have air purifying qualities that will support your health and wellbeing. Try making a statement with large plants such as the Fiddle Fig Leaf, Philodendron or Bird of Paradise to add a pop of colour to your interiors naturally.

    Discover our collection of sustainable furniture, greenery and decorative pieces at our Paddington Showroom at Shop 3 / 188 Oxford Street, Paddington 2021 NSW Australia.

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