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    We sat down with Sarah Glover to talk about her latest adventure cookbook, WILD and to discover her top tips on wholesome Winter entertaining. Sarah isn't your typical chef. She's redefined the kitchen by taking her passion for food into the wild, crafting raw, deconstructed meals from her natural surroundings. She's driven by her love of creating memorable moments and has shared her advice for crafting a wholesome dining experience for your tribe. 

    We loved your new adventure cookbook, WILD. Can you tell us what sparked your love of cooking in the outdoors?

    My childhood was spent outside, this book represents so much of what we and my brothers used to get up too after the school bell rang.

    The people, the memories and the laughs are at the heart of what you do, could you tell us your top tips for creating a wholesome Winter dining experience?

    I would say keep it simple. Have a fire, use candles, invite like-minded people, be sure to make an effort to cook something that takes you out of your comfort zone. It will be more memorable. 

    What is your favourite location for cooking with friends and family?  

    Outside, on a beach around a fire. 100%.


    Your raw, deconstructed recipes are inspired by the wild, how can we incorporate this into our own approach to cooking and entertaining? 

    Don't over think it, use what is around you. It inspires you to be more creative rather than relying on planning, it makes it more fun to try and pull something together from nothing. 

    What are you most excited about in 2019?

    My new VW Beetle which is coming soon!

    Discover more about Sarah Glover and her book, WILD on Instagram or through her website here.