Natural Organic Latex Mattress


For health, comfort and support we recommend our Totem Road Latex Mattresses. Certified organic and 100% natural, these mattresses have a numerous features: 

Made of 100% Napure Latex: Our mattresses are made using 100% natural latex and are free from any harmful or toxic substances as certified by the Eco-INSTITUT. Ensuring that your mattress is maintained at high hygiene standard throughout its useful lifespan, Napure latex is anti-fungus and anti-bacterial. Mattresses are no longer merely a cushion to sleep on, but a heath care product that affect your lifestyle. With almost one third of your life on it, a good mattress could determine whether you could achieve your goals in life with a healthy body. Through vigorous research, Napure uses the finest natural and pure latex which is renown for its purity and durability, engineered for your ultimate comfort and health.

What does the Eco-INSTITUT Certification mean? Our Totem Road Latex mattress are tested by the world renowned German Eco Certification body and certified to be made with pure latex without filler, as well as not containing harmful chemicals like Pentachlorophenol and Tetrachlorophenol. They do not contain even trace amounts of hazardous chemicals and will not produce, unhealthy off gassing in your bedroom.

Comfort & Support: Every time you move, twist or turn in your sleep, your Totem Road Latex mattress will respond by adjusting itself to your new position ensuring your body remains in a constant state of relaxation and comfort. The right mattress should give you both comfort and support. Our Totem Road Latex Mattress feels soft and comfortable at first touch, but as you sink deeper, it gives you full support, so that your spine is in the right position and your body pressure is evenly distributed.

Minimal Partner Disturbance: Movement on one side of the mattress does not result in any movement on the other side, so no one is disturbed by any unwanted motion. Our Totem Road Latex Mattress also prevents ‘roll together’, a common complaint!

HealthGuard® : While Latex has its own antibacterial properties we also use HealthGuard® treatment to discourage breeding of dust mites and bed bugs. Important for everyone but particularly those sensitive to synthetics and dust or asthma and hay fever sufferers. HealthGuard® technology is blended into the quilting fabric to provide additional protection against bacteria and mould. Proven and tested by Monash University’s Department of Microbiology and worldwide quality assurance through Oeko-Tex. HealthGuard® is odour-free and specially developed to reduce dust mites which can trigger respiratory conditions such as asthma, allergies and even eczema symptoms.

Ventilation: When you move during sleep the air moves in and out of the Totem Road Mattress, through the pinholes and open-cell structure, helping you to feel cooler. Traditional mattresses made with Polyurethane foam or memory foam often have a closed-cell structure which minimise ventilation and trap heat. 

Adaptive® fabric treatment: We also treat our mattress with Adaptive® fabric treatment to accelerate the evaporation of moisture. Adaptive® is an intelligent textile technology which allows your mattress to respond dynamically to environmental changes like temperature and moisture level. Adaptive® uses the energy of the body to accelerate moisture wicking, evaporation and cooling. This means a dryer and cooler sleeping environment. Adaptive® is a 100% Certified Technology - Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® which tests for harmful substances 

Long Lasting: Each of our latex mattresses comes guarantee of 10 years.

Wool Quiliting Underlay: 100% Australian Wool – no synthetic foam

Wool Quilted Cover: 100% Australian Wool

Double, King Single, and Single mattresses incur a lead time, as they are made to order.



    Napure latex is tested by this world renowned German body Eco Institut to be

    • 100% Natural, 0% Synthetic
    • Pure latex without filler
    • Does not contain harmful chemicals like Pentachlorophenol and Tetrachlorophenol
      The OEKO-TEX® tests for harmful substances based on the purpose of the textiles and materials. The STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is a worldwide consistent, independent testing and certification system for raw, semi-finished, and finished textile products at all processing levels, as well as accessory materials used.
      OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 contributes to high and effective product safety from a consumer’s point of view.

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