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    Come Home to Nature

    Our business ethos embraces the Iroquois Seventh Generation principle, and we make every decision today to benefit our children seven generations into the future.

    We chatted with Hayley Mason of Settler Hives to discuss her wholistic approach to life and business. Hayley is driven by her passion for simple, authentic living and has woven these values into her everyday life and her environmentally friendly business. 

    Knowing how to care for your sustainable furniture is essential to ensure that your favourite pieces last a lifetime. We share the simple tips to easily maintain the quality and beauty of your sustainable furniture pieces for decades to come. 

    We sit down with Interior Stylist, Designer and Author, Natalie Walton to discover her journey to creating a slow and sustainable home. While learning how a holiday to an organic farm in Italy is what ignited her inspiration for a tree change that gave her a whole new appreciation for nature and the world that we live in.