Our Story

The meaningful journey of a natural object with significance. 

Designed for life

Totem Road is a sustainable furniture company, dedicated to bringing you on-trend, timeless pieces without any hidden costs to the environment.

We're committed to minimising the impact our modern throwaway culture has on the planet by creating sustainable pieces that last a lifetime. Our solid oak furniture combines contemporary mid-century design with Scandinavian influences to bring you relaxed pieces that lay the foundation for your sacred place. Perfectly blending with your existing furniture, Totem Road designs give you the freedom to evolve your personal style.

Imprinted with care

Totem Road furniture is imprinted with care and a deep respect for natural resources and communities. Our authentic pieces are made consciously and sustainably, using only responsibly sourced materials without compromising on quality or craft. With a transparent chain of custody, every finished product connects you to its natural origin.

We hope you enjoy Totem Road's innovative and affordable furniture, delivered to your door without the hidden costs that come with sacrificing the environment and local communities.