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At Totem Road, we believe that when you're surrounded by nature, you feel good and we want to help our customers feel good too. We believe in mindful consumption and we believe in giving and taking in equal measure. It's why we use FSC Certified Oak and create pieces made from nature. It's why we produce only what we need, why we partner with the best ethical factories and why we're B Corp Certified. Because we want to give our customers better options - for their homes and for our planet.

We invite you to come home to nature

Using only natural materials, Totem Road invites our customers to bring nature into their homes in a high quality, memorable and meaningful way.

We honour the circle of life

To us, sustainability means more than just responsible forest management. Totem Road has implemented a full chain of custody process with due diligence and risk assessment systems in places to ensure that all components of our supply chain comply with the relevant legislation and more importantly, Totem Road’s sustainability ethos.

Our transparent chain of custody goes beyond certifications because we take personal care of the environment and the local communities involved in our business. We work with family-owned businesses and oversee every step of the production process, regularly visiting the sources of our timber and supporting our teams.

We tread as lightly as possible and give back to those most in need

We are passionate about supporting, empowering and celebrating environmental causes and in the past, have donated to Sea Shepherd, Amnesty International, Project Aware and Greening Australia initiatives. During the devastating floods in the Northern Rivers and South East Queensland in 2022, we raised money for the Bundjalung Community Flood Relief by Koori Mail and donated 20 x brand new mattresses to Northern Rivers Neighbour Goods.

The next step in the Totem Road journey is to establish our own foundation where we can ensure funds are distributed to those who need it the most. We’re excited to share more information around this as it comes to light.

We create timeless and intentional designs

We are not in the business of trends. Our designs are intentional, minimal and timeless and are intended to be cherished beyond a single lifetime. Made from solid oak, our pieces are durable and high quality. You won't need to replace them in just a few years and each piece is handcrafted and individually numbered by our team in Vietnam. We produce only what our customers need - and for that reason, we order small batches to avoid over-supply.