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Creating a bedroom that strikes a perfect balance between style, comfort and functionality is no easy feat; the big-ticket items need to be timeless, the decor and storage clutter-free, and the overall feel, comfortable and warm. It had us wondering what steps the experts followed to achieve a picture-perfect retreat, so we connected with Heather Gampe, Interior Designer at Oak & Orange. 

Oak and Orange was born out of our passion to share insider tips and tricks and a wealth of practical knowledge to inspire others to create their own dream home, and in the case, a dream bedroom. Having recently featured our  Oskar Bedsides in their latest project, we wanted to draw from Heather’s experience in creating bedrooms that transcend trends and exude style. 

How do you identify a colour palette that will best work with a client's needs / lifestyle?

We love working with colour and letting our creativity loose. When searching for room inspiration we often start by looking for colour inspiration first. We have been known to take inspo from restaurants and hotels right through to baby clothes. Colour inspiration is all around us in nature, retail stores and resorts. Whilst we personally love blues and greens when working with others, we usually start by finding out 2 or 3 colours they love and finding a way to best make them work together in the space. 

What are the key tips to striking a balance between style and function for the bedroom?

When designing a bedroom, we like to work on storage and practical consideration first. Planning out just what storage is needed helps to identify how many pieces of furniture are needed. Then comes spatial planning, making sure our bigger items are the right size for the room. Whilst storage is important, we don’t want to jam pack a bedroom so much that it doesn’t feel spacious or that you risk knocking your knee on the end of the bed just to try and get to the cupboard. Spatial planning helps us identify what furniture pieces are needed and where, it can also help us narrow down our furniture selections based on the measurements of each piece. 

What considerations are there around choosing the right bed?

A bed is a big investment, so when choosing one you want to make sure it will last the test of time. Quality plays a big part but so does style. The more expensive a piece of furniture is, the longer you want to keep it. That's why it’s important to choose a bed that can suit many styles. That way when the time comes for a room refresh your big-ticket items can stay and you only need to switch up the smaller styling items to give your bedroom a new look. 

What are your recommendations on choosing bed linen? 

When it comes to bed linen we can’t go past the feel and quality of 100% linen. The softness and texture of linen offers a sophisticated look to any bedroom and it feels so good to sleep between linen sheets. Investing in quality linen in simple block colours means it will last a very long time when the time comes for a room refresh just change the cushions and throw and Voila! 


For those who need bedroom storage, what pieces of furniture do you recommend?

Every bedroom must have bedside tables even if it’s just to hold the bedside lamps. BUT since all rooms need bedside tables, choosing ones with drawers are high on the list of priorities for us! It means you're squeezing in extra storage without adding an extra piece of furniture to the room that can take up more valuable floor space. If you’re short on wardrobe space, a tallboy or lowboy is another great option as it serves multiple purposes by storing clothes in the drawers and using the top for jewellery or accessories or even styling it beautifully with an artwork above. For those who like having a tv in their bedroom this can also serve as a TV unit. In smaller bedrooms it’s all about finding furniture prices that can serve multiple purposes and maximise space. 

What flooring do you recommend for maximising comfort and warmth?

In bedrooms we love carpet, it’s just so soft, warm, and comfortable underfoot. We recommend investing in a good quality nylon or wool carpet and do your research on how best the carpet will suit your family’s needs. We like lighter carpet’s as they can make a bedroom feel lighter and brighter but with kids and pets that can require more maintenance. It’s still possible to have light carpet with kids and pets but a stain resistant fibre is probably a better option. 

What are some key tips to maximising natural light, and what artificial lighting do you recommend?

I am a bedtime reader, so I highly recommend bedside lamps or pendant lights. I also don’t like getting out of bed again once I have started reading so make sure if you have pendants, you get the electrician to add a light switch close to the bedside table. 

 How does bedroom decor play a role in the bedroom? What do you like to add to bedrooms?

Décor is the icing on the cake; it is what brings personality to a room and makes the space feel homely and comfortable. In bedrooms our go to décor items are candles, books, a vase with greenery or flowers, cushions and of course a throw. Picture frames are also a great way of adding a personal touch to the bedroom.