At Home with Eleanor Pendleton - Totem Road
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At Home with Eleanor Pendleton

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With a considered approach to her interior aesthetic, Eleanor Pendleton uses her home as a way to connect with memories old and new - an intimate way, she says, of creating calm. The founder and Editor-In-Chief of cult beauty publication Gritty Pretty, Eleanor’s home is shared with her husband and two year old son and is at once relaxed and neutral, but practical too. With a dedication to investing in forever pieces, Eleanor already has a collection of Totem Road pieces, to which she has just added the Utopia Entertainment Unit. 

Here we chat to her about her interior style and the things she considers most when purchasing furniture.

Totem Road is about bringing nature into our homes in a responsible, timeless way. How does your home reflect conscious design and why is a mindful interior important to you?

Like the clothes I wear and the makeup I apply, my home is a reflection of my personality, my style and my individual taste. Mindful interiors connect with my memories of places I’ve travelled to and loved ones I’ve shared memories with. I approach home design this way because it brings me peace and tranquility inside of my home; sheltered from what is a busy, full and sometimes chaotic life outside.

Your home is a picture of natural light and natural tones - how have you ensured your home reflects your own personality and aesthetic? 

My husband and I have been together for 13 years and it’s always been important to me that our home reflects us – not just me. While I certainly gravitate towards design more naturally than he does, considering a gender neutral space is a priority. We have a two year old son so also ensuring our home is practical and has robust furniture that can withstand the sticky fingers of a busy toddler is also important. I view my home as a relaxing sanctuary so I’ve gravitated towards neutrals: whites, creams and beige tones that are complemented by soft hued colours through art on the walls.

Whenever I’m styling our space, I think about how I want that space to make mefeel and 10 times out of 10, I want to feel relaxed and at peace.

You’ve recently added the Utopia Storage Unit to your collection, what will it bring to the room from both a practical and aesthetic sense? 

From a practical sense, we needed more storage in our bedroom so the Utopia Storage Unit brings that to our country coastal cottage. From a design perspective, it adds a sensibility of sophistication, clean lines and personality to our master bedroom. We’ve never had a television in our bedroom until now and while we don’t watch it often, it’s become a real treat to cozy up in bed on rainy days with a movie on; watching the rain fall outside our French glass doors.

At Home with Eleanor Pendleton | Image Size:50At Home with Eleanor Pendleton | Image Size:50

You have some beautiful pieces of art - why are treasures like these important and what do they bring to your home? 

We have two Vicki Lee artworks – one white rose and paint piece and a pink paint in water piece, which is called ‘Love Explosion’ and was an engagement gift from our closet friends. I look at it often and think of our love for those special people. We’re yet to hang the art in our home as we just moved in a couple of months ago but it’s on the to-do list!

We believe in the importance of heirloom pieces - what do you look for in forever furniture?

I look for furniture that I know will quite simply last forever. They’re built with longevity and also sustainability in mind. They consider the impact on the environment from ideation through to production.

They are pieces which will form part of family memories for years to come by. I own several Totem Road pieces and I consider each of them to be special.


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