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    The Sociable Weaver in collaboration with Clare Cousins Architects, have designed Australia’s first 10 star rated, carbon positive and zero waste home in Cape Paterson.

    Pioneers of the Australian design and building industry, The Sociable Weaver is a company dedicated to creating sustainable homes that encourage connection to nature and promote wellbeing.  This luxurious home showcases contemporary architectural, design and sustainable innovation.


    Imbued with Feng Shui design principles, permaculture integration and considered recycling processes, this carbon positivehome self-heats and cools, this means zero energy costs and utility bills for the end user. It also produces more energy than it requires which offsets neighbours emissions. 


    Built to give back to nature, this home has an undisputed positive impact for the planet by increasing energy efficiency, but it also has a significant positive impact on the homeowner.

    Designed with a deeper intention to connect residents to nature and promote a healthier more balanced state of mind and being.

     The 10 star home has unprecedented energy efficiency and a zero waste philosophy, built entirely using non-toxic materials -  from the building materials right through to the furniture, bed sheets and the interior’s styling accessories. 

    The Totem Road Muse bed pictured above

    Sustainability was the key driver for this project. Totem Road's furniture is made from sustainably sourced solid oak and therefore corresponded perfectly to these design considerations. The Totem Road Muse and Ariabeds were selected for this standout dwelling.

    The Totem Road Aria bed

    By creating beauty that is timeless and blends with the environment and landscape The Sociable Weaver has ensured this design is aesthetically sustainable, and will be a lifetime investment for the homeowners as well as the environment.

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