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    We sat down with interior stylist, Mariah Burton of Folk Studio, to learn more about her design journey and how she creates innovative and beautiful spaces that spark joy. 

    What inspired you to launch Folk Studio? 

    I always knew I wanted to run my own company - this was a dream I had for many years. I wanted to create a brand that encompassed numerous wellness ideals under the umbrella of design. Interior Design is viewed far too often as a materialistic luxury and I wanted to start a design studio that focused on the impact good design has on our day-to-day lives mentally and to help people dive deeper into what good design really means for us as humans. 

    What is your favourite part of the creative process? 

    I love understanding the different ways in which people live and designing lifestyle solutions for them. You get to jump inside someone's head and fully grasp their needs and wants, as well as develop creative ideas that they have not yet imagined - this is my favourite aspect of design. 

    What are your styling tips for creating a space that sparks joy? 

    Your space will not spark joy unless it is a reflection of you. This can be achieved by introducing colours you love, artworks that really resonate with you, and small decorative items that may be sentimental.

    Keep your space minimal, as clutter can cause a lot of anxiety and stress. You want your home to feel light and purposeful and not heavy and distracting. Only introduce items into your home if it makes you genuinely happy and serves a function. 

    Shot by Kayla White

    Why is it important to design spaces that evoke emotion? 

    Styling your home with pieces that are sentimental and meaningful makes your home a true reflection of you. Buying locally-made products that tell a story and that have been made with true craftsmanship and joy is a nice way to go about this. 

    How do you weave sustainability into your design projects? 

    Every aspect of our design process is carefully considered for the end-user and the environment. We consider the distance each item we source has to travel, how each item has been made, the life-cycle of each product, and what is in each material we source. We also focus on the disposal of building materials and investigate the impact ‘traditional’ building materials will have and if we can challenge this and source unique products. 

    Which Totem Road piece would you love to style into a home? 

    I absolutely love the Lagos Bed! The curves and simplicity of this bed are beautiful.

     Discover more about Mariah of Folk Studio online here.