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We chat with Interior Designers, Sarah and Heather of Oak & Orange about their tips for creating a home office sanctuary that is both functional and inspiring. 

What inspired you to start Oak & Orange? 

We started designing and building new homes alongside our builder hubbies about 10 years ago. With each new build we have learnt more and more, having lived in a lot of the homes we built we have unique insight and  first hand experience with the materials and design decisions we make. We started Oak & Orange as a way of capturing and sharing these build journeys with others in the hopes we could teach people how to make the right choices for their own homes. Since sharing our home designs on social media we have quickly learnt a lot of people loved what we were designing just as much as we do. We consider it a privilege to design and build time and time again so we are happy to share our inside tips & tricks to help others create their very own dream homes. 

How would you describe your own personal styles? 

Sarah - Modern Coastal Resort

Heather - Natural, Earthy & Organic

What are your tips for designing a workspace that is both beautiful and practical?

A home office shouldn’t be all work and no play. It is an extension of you and your personality, have some fun with it and make it your own. A balanced workspace will be practical, comfortable as well as look amazing. Our top tip is to make organisation your best friend, find the right place for your things and group things together. Even the most stylish desk isn’t going to look beautiful if it’s cluttered and messy. 

What are your essentials for your own workspace?

Our top three essentials are:

  1. Storage. Storage and more storage we both work best and think most clearly in an organised uncluttered workspace. It’s important to incorporate storage that enables things to be easily stored out of sight. 
  2. This one may surprise you because it is visually not so noticeable but it is oh so important we cannot do without enough power points where we need them. For all those printers, computers, laptops and charging devices having adequate power points helps ensure messy cables are well hidden.
  3. A vision board hung on the wall to keep all our inspiration ideas pinned up nice and neat. Whether it’s our next project or holiday destination we like to be visually inspired all the time and our vision board helps us keep on track. Or you may use it to put your favourite inspirational quotes family photos whatever inspires you.

What are some simple ways we can elevate our home office?

A great way to take your home office to the next level is to add in some floating shelves above your desk. It’s a great way to add extra storage whilst giving you a space to get creative and add some of your own favourite personal items. We love to add extra storage boxes to keep things neat and tidy as well as things like candles and plants to make you feel comfy and cosy in your work environment. Breathe some life into your workspace so you want to stay longer. A lovely plant helps keep the space feeling calm and relaxed plus they look pretty too. 

Which one of our new desks is your favourite and how would you style it?

We love the symmetry and square legs in Totem Road’s new Watts Desk. With two great sizes available 1200 and 1400 allows ample work space and plenty of room to style. The built in cable timber cable management is a winner in our book.  

We would keep styling simple yet practical, using whites and neutrals to soften the warmth of the timber desk. Either a fabric office chair in a white or linen colour fabric would offer contrast with the desk. A gorgeous collection of on trend ceramic jars and vases would not only look great but can also hold some greenery or florals and pens. A small basket for hiding office suppliers like a stapler, eraser and highlighters would look great too.  We would top if off with a small candle or scented diffuser to create a great smelling workspace.

Shop the new Watts and Isabel desks online or at the Totem Road Paddington Showroom at Shop 3/188 Oxford St, Paddington NSW 2021

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