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In Conversation with Ash Gratsounas


In Conversation with Ash Gratsounas | Image Size:

While a rental home may not be a forever home, that’s not to say it shouldn’t be brought to life with intentional furniture that will work as you transition into new places.

Making sustainable and intentional design decisions now ensures you contribute to a positive impact for future generations and the environment, especially by investing in pieces that won’t end up in landfill in a short period due to poor quality or design obsolescence.

Here, we speak to content creator Ash Gratsounas in her new home in the Gold Coast to find out more about the furniture she’s investing in and using to lay foundations for her style and space.

Can you talk us through a little bit about your current space and how long you’ve lived there?
I’m currently living in a three bedroom townhouse in Palm Beach, QLD. I was previously living with my partner James, who moved down south for a new job earlier this year. Living separately for the first time in over six years meant that we found ourselves having to divide our furniture and belongings between the two cities, opening up a few opportunities to invest in some new larger pieces. 

In Conversation with Ash Gratsounas | Image Size:

How has your design style changed over the past few years?
My style has transitioned quite a few times over recent years! Back when James and I lived in Sydney, I held the mentality that minimal furniture with clean, neutral styling was the way to go, and this definitely worked for our coastal themed Bondi apartment. By the time we moved up North and found ourselves renting again, my style had matured and I wasn’t feeling quite as fulfilled by plain or minimal furniture. My focus now, despite still being in a rental, is to invest in well made furniture with interesting design. I’m prioritising timeless pieces that not only transcend current trends but also make enough of a statement on their own that you don’t need to overdo it with styling. 

What do you believe to be the core pieces that will transition through any of your future homes with you?
Absolutely my Totem Road Luna Bed, but also a vintage unit and my artwork. These are the few pieces that I know will suit and bring character to any space, I’m still working on the rest.

What kind of process do you take when it comes to the styling of your home?
I don’t like to rush things and I spend lots of time moodboarding before I commit to an investment. This gives me time to avoid fast trends and assess if I really like a piece, or if I simply like the space it’s been styled in. One day I’ll have my own home to style exactly how I please, but for now, it’s important to consider that what looks incredible in my ‘Mid Century dream home moodboard’ won’t look quite the same in our modern coastal townhouse. 

In Conversation with Ash Gratsounas | Image Size:

What do you love most about the Luna Bed?
I love that the Luna is both functional and aesthetic. The platform design assumes the space and encourages natural, organic styling whilst the oak finish allows it to still look soft and inviting despite its bold shape. I don’t like to overcomplicate styling in the bedroom and love that Luna brings a strong focus onto the room’s sole purpose. 

What’s next on your wishlist from Totem Road?
The Luna Bedsides! When I first picked the Luna Bed, I didn’t know if the matching bedsides would be too much for my space. After styling the Luna, I’ve come to realise that I don’t want anything to take away from the design of the bed, rather just to compliment it and these are the perfect, minimal design to do just that. 



Luna Bed
Luna Bed
Luna Bedside
Luna Bedside