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Introducing 'Homecoming'


Introducing 'Homecoming' | Image Size:

Introducing, the Homecoming story, including our newest designs, Leif, Heirloom, Mira Carver and Mira.

Made with natural tactility and materiality, these cosy and comfortable new arrivals are intended, at their core, to welcome you home. Thoughtfully designed to grow with you through all seasons of life, our ‘Homecoming’ collection was built around the concept of connection and belonging; made up of the moments that make us feel instantly at ease and most like ourselves.

A coffee at sunrise

Good conversation and even better company

Reading a book in the afternoon sun

Crafted with an unwavering commitment to the recognisable standards of Totem Road, the minimalist and well-crafted designs do not indulge in passing trends, instead the focus on versatility and durability invites any discerning interior style, both traditional and modern. The heart of the home, the living and dining areas are the spaces in which families and friends relax, unwind and connect and this edit effortlessly combines craftsmanship, aesthetics and comfort to invite softness into the most sacred spaces within the home.

Considered Comfort - The Leif Occasional Chair

Designed by Totem Road’s Francesco Felizani, the Leif Occasional Chair is a relaxed and elevated armchair paired with premium upholstery and removable covers. Part of the Homecoming Story, the collection was designed around the concept of connection and belonging, intended for all seasons of life. Made up of the moments that make us feel instantly at ease and most like ourselves.

Introducing 'Homecoming' | Image Size:

Made from a strong, solid oak frame and finished with plush cushioning, the Leif invites comfort and relaxation. Kick off your shoes. Sink into it. Make yourself at home. Available in 7 linen and 2 leather options, the Leif is a pared back and sophisticated addition to any home or space. 

Elevated Warmth - The Mira Carver and Mira Dining Chairs

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Mira Carver and Mira Dining Chairs utilise the natural qualities of American Oak for a warm and elevated finish. Made from solid timber with the option of an upholstered seat, the Mira’s curved proportions are effortlessly balanced by the lightness of the design.

Introducing 'Homecoming' | Image Size:

As refined as it is relaxed, the Mira Range, including the Mira Carver and the armless Mira Dining Chairs, are built to last. The solid construction and timeless design ensures a long-lasting lifetime.

A Place To Come Home To - The Heirloom Sofa

A modern yet timeless sofa combining great craftsmanship, a minimal aesthetic and maximum comfort, the Heirloom Sofa is intended to be enjoyed for generations. Crafted with an unwavering commitment to the standards of Totem Road, the Heirloom is the epitome of simple form and does not indulge in passing trends or seasons.  

Introducing 'Homecoming' | Image Size:

The versatility of the design allows the Heirloom to match any discerning interior style, integrating in both classic or contemporary spaces.  Minimal and unpretentious, the removable and washable linen covers have a relaxed and inviting quality while the feather topper and cushions offer a premium level of comfort. The kind you simply sink into. 

Introducing 'Homecoming' | Image Size:

The clean lines and solid frame elevate the design aesthetically while ensuring a long-lasting and high quality construction. Available as a generous three seater, the Heirloom is available in 7 standard linen options with made to order also available.


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