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    We sat down with Jaye Edwards of Edwards and Co to discuss all things interior design and sustainability. With award-winning salons, Jaye appreciates the importance of creating an authentic space with pieces that are both beautiful and sustainable. Read on to discover his philosophy on designing each of his unique spaces.

    How would you describe your personal style when it comes to designing your space?  

    I would describe my personal style within my home and salons as raw and minimalist with a touch of luxury. This has changed over time as I constantly gain new inspiration during my travels. I am definitely one to take notice of the detailing in any space I am in. Whether it’s a hotel room, restaurant, restroom, friends home or office space.

    What are your favourite materials to incorporate into your space and why? 

    I will forever be a big fan of marble and anything made with solid timber however I am currently finding myself taking a liking towards rattan.

    What is your go-to colour palette when styling? 

    I always go for a neutral palette, mixing together various earthy tones from deep tans, lighter nudes, moss greens and shades of off white and grey.     

    What feelings do you aspire to create in your space? 

    I aspire to create a space that makes me feel like I am truly home. For me, this is a safe place where I can relax and not have to worry about the million things going on at Edwards and Co. My home is where I can regain my energy and where I can spend a whole weekend cooking, watching movies, lounging with my dogs and all those other relaxing things.  

    Which Totem Road pieces do you have in your home and what drew you to them?

    I have the Muse Bed and Muse Bedsides in both my home and my Airbnb Cacti Mi Casa in Byron Bay. The Kara Round Marble Dining Table with Totem Stools are in both my home and throughout the Edwards and Co salons. I also have the Maebry Entertainment Unit in my home in Melbourne and Sydney.

    The simplistic design makes all these pieces timeless, there is never any stress surrounding whether the table or bed will aesthetically suit the spaces I have created, I just know they will always look amazing. 

    What do you love most about sustainable furniture?

    The growing concern for the environment has recently opened up my eyes to actually how much damage we as humans are causing the planet. Therefore, if there is an option to purchase beautiful, sustainably made furniture then I will always go with that option.        

    If you could have any guest stay at your home who would it be? 

    Meryl Streep


    Luxa Rectangle Coffee Table 

    Totem Stool

    Muse Bed 

    Maebry Entertainment Unit