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Meet the Coral Oval Dining Table

 Meet the Coral Oval Dining Table | Image Size:
Imagined to bring people together through its clever and considered design, our new Coral Oval Dining Table encourages a relaxed, intimate and flexible experience.
“The design came from the idea of a relaxed and contemporary way to dine, where flexibility of use is the main focus,” says Francesco Feliziani, Product Designer.
“The oval shape of the table top and the placement of the legs allow for many different seating layouts, creating a place where everyone can gather to share a meal and connect.”
Comfortably seating 6 or up to 8 for more casual gatherings, the Coral was designed as an anchoring piece in the home, intended to last for years within the home, without the need to replace it.
Meet the Coral Oval Dining Table | Image Size:50Meet the Coral Oval Dining Table | Image Size:50
“The smooth oak table features rounded edges which help with flow throughout the room in which it resides and the organic shape is a direct connection to nature. This is also seen in the use of natural materials," he says.
Made from 100% sustainable oak, the Coral Dining Table is sturdy and durable. Designed to be loved and lived with, it will last for many years to come and if needed, can be sanded back and restored rather than replaced.
A complementary addition to the existing range of Totem Road Dining Tables, the Coral includes a stepped edge detail along the rounded top and uniquely shaped legs (rounded on the outside, but square on the inside) “this came from the idea of playing with light and shadows, creating a contrast of soft and sharp shadows which coexist throughout the table,” explains Francesco.
Meet the Coral Oval Dining Table | Image Size:
Whether it’s family dinners, game nights, casual catch ups right through to arts & crafts with kids, the Coral is the perfect choice.
"A dining table should be able to be dressed up or down depending on what is expected of it on any given day and the Coral, combining the linear layout of a rectangular table with the intimacy of a round table results in a design that works in almost any space and situation."