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ORGANIC ABSTRACTS: A collaboration with artist Arnie Arnold.

A collaboration between Sydney Artist, Arnie Arnold, Totem Road and Resene Paints, Organic Abstracts is a sustainable art offering that reflects the aesthetics and experience of Australian coastal living.
The 15 piece collection includes organic abstract forms that float within the boundaries of the canvas. Reflecting nature and sea, swept natural tones from the ocean shore meet bleached sandy tones, fresh spring pastels and neutral cloudy whites and greys.
I wanted to express nature on canvas in an honest way without unnecessary decoration or frills,” explains Arnold.
Locally hand stretched from ethically sourced canvas and fixed stretcher frames, the entire collection was painted exclusively with Resene’s Environmental Choice approved paints.
The underlying ethos, Arnold explains, is that the art reflects what it means to commune with coastal nature: “The works fold in natural and abstract forms that can be seen and felt on a coastal walk, including sunset tones dancing on the sand and receding light dappled water hugging the shore.
Beach drenched colours and shapes reflect meandering coastal beats and at times, sand is etched with signatures of shifting coastal expressions."
Arnold captures both the floating feeling of a still and an expansive ocean, where all water drifts to one; and where the sea blends with sand gifting organic sea shells and coral shapes wash over.
The works meet both the quiet oneness and expansiveness of nature and are available exclusively from Totem Road, until sold out.