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We sat down with Sara Crampton of The Undone to chat about her recent office makeover featuring our collection of sustainable furniture. Sara shares her styling essentials, makeover tips and so much more in this inspiring interview. 


Tell us a bit about The Undone office and what was important to you when designing it?

We were in a more industrial concrete office for the first two years, and when the lease was up we decided to find something with a different vibe. What was really important to me was lots of natural light, fresh air and feeling part of a community. We moved into a building in Surry Hills that houses lots of creative suites filled with architects, photographers, designers, PR, model agencies and countless others. There is such a nice entrepreneurial and small business creative energy that I love.

We operate in an open plan office with large windows down one end, and when designing the layout of the space it was all about focusing on that beautiful light and outlook from the windows. Creating our studio and breakout area down that end, with our desks next to it, we’re constantly looking out to that space and it's quite soothing and comforting to have that white and neutral aspect to look at. 

What inspired you to style your office with Totem Road’s sustainable furniture?

We chose Totem Road for our home earlier this year when we revamped our living room, we fell in love with Totem Road's sustainable solid-oak. When deciding on furniture for the office, my home away from home, Totem Road instantly came to mind. 

Why is sustainability important to you?

Just like our wardrobes, we want to invest in furniture and lifestyle pieces that will last the distance. The first step is educating ourselves about what our clothes and furniture are made from, and where and how they are sourced. 

Once you open your eyes to this information and realise how much wasteful fast consumption pieces are being produced, that will simply fall apart in a couple of years, its almost impossible to turn a blind eye. 

Choosing well-made pieces will not only save you money in the long run, but it’s also so much kinder on the environment, and in my opinion, they are much more beautiful. 

How do you want people to feel when they enter your office? 

We’re a small team and I’m very conscious about making sure work is as calm and efficient as possible. Our head office is part desks, part warehouse, part studio, so we can have a lot going on at the same time. 

What are your essentials for styling an office? 

Layout and functionality are key, so the flow of the space needs to make sense and support our day-to-day needs. Working around a key feature of a space, such as large windows, also helps. 

What have you learned along the way while decorating your space? 

Opting for classics rather than trend-driven items is really important. You can still bring personality into a space with art and little bits and pieces, but for the investment items like coffee tables and lounges, I like to go neutral and timeless.

Do you have any words of wisdom for anyone wanting to create an office that inspires them? 

Functionality is a really important factor to keep in mind. Know how you’re going to be using the space and what you need from it. There’s no point it being beautiful but not functional. 

I would also recommend looking inwards to what your business is creating and the story you want to tell, then ask yourself what environment will best tell that message. 

How have you styled each of the pieces in your space to reflect your personal style?

I feel like I’ve created my ideal living room in our space. A big white linen couch, framed with a rectangular coffee table and lots of natural timbers and neutrals. It's also the perfect backdrop when we’re shooting our editorial content as it complements rather than competes with the clothes we’re photographing. 

Do you have anything exciting coming up that you can share with us? 

We’re really excited to be partnering with Totem Road for our upcoming Pop-In Experience in early September where we’ll be offering personal shopping appointments. We haven’t done anything like this before and are really excited to meet one on one with our customers and work with them on curating the perfect wardrobe.

Discover more about The Undone online now and see the Totem Road sustainable furniture pieces featured in the office makeover below.


Luxa Rectangle Coffee Table

Luxa Mirror 

Totem Stool