Tom Butterworth Talks His Upcoming Exhibition, 'With Patience' - Totem Road
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Tom Butterworth Talks His Upcoming Exhibition, 'With Patience'


Tom Butterworth Talks His Upcoming Exhibition, 'With Patience' | Image Size:

We are excited to welcome sculptor Tom Butterworth of Onestone to our Paddington gallery and online store this September with his exclusive collection titled ‘With Patience’.
We sat down with Tom to find out more about what inspires his work and what you can expect from the collection.

Tom Butterworth Talks His Upcoming Exhibition, 'With Patience' | Image Size:


"Inspired by the natural world, With Patience connects the pieces to the land and ultimately to the owner, inviting patience, love and individuality into the buyer’s home or space", he says.
"The motherland inspires every collection of mine. It teaches me new lessons and leaves me in awe most days which I describe as ‘that’s the magic right there’."
A collection of vessels and lighting made from upcycled and sculpted sandstone, With Patience reintroduces patience into the home through timeless, considered design that consciously rejects fast moving fashion, furniture and lifestyle trends.
“With Patience is made up of pieces that immerse the exterior into the interior, pieces that are handmade from start to finish in my studio in Sydney. Each piece is forever one of a kind,” says Tom.
Tom Butterworth Talks His Upcoming Exhibition, 'With Patience' | Image Size:
The collaboration highlights both Tom and our brand belief that we should be consuming more mindfully. Offering products made from natural materials in a sustainable way, together we invite longevity into the home - pieces that won’t need to be replaced over the years and have been made to withstand a lifetime.
A connection and deep respect to Mother Earth is shared with the creation of a Onestone sculpture starting first with sourcing a piece of stone which has a unique and interesting texture.
An acknowledgement and giving of thanks to the stone happens before sculpting starts as a way to connect back to nature: “Unveiling minerals that could be dated anywhere up to 20 million plus years old is something I don’t take for granted, the beauty is already there within the stone, I’m grateful that it’s me who gets to shine new light to the stone,” says Tom.
These unique and deeply authentic designs are carefully crafted and imbued with a sense of connection, of care and of gratitude. Like Totem Road, Tom takes an approach that cares for the Earth and the end product is something durable, long-lasting and entirely one of a kind.
“When you walk into a room, a product that has been made with care, by hand and with patience holds a certain energy about it. You can see and feel their uniqueness and their natural approach,” he says.
With Patience will launch at the Totem Road Paddington Gallery and online on Thursday 21 September, 2023.

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Onestone - With Patience, Two
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