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    Treading softly

    Totem Road is committed to constantly evolving to achieve the most responsible stewardship of the planet possible. It's our mission to tread lightly and continually reduce our company footprint.

    Our business ethos embraces the Iroquois Seventh Generation principle, and we make every decision today to benefit our children seven generations into the future. We believe people are looking to depart from mass consumerism, and we encourage the conscious selection of products that take and give back in equal measure. To help achieve this vision, we give back what we take, donating two and a half percent of all sales to environmental and humanitarian causes.

    Natural materials

    We source fully sustainable European White Oak from German and Croatian forests. All our wood is select logged to support regeneration, biodiversity and the protection of native fauna. Our furniture is crafted from the highest quality solid natural materials.

    Our wood is all FSC with a fully documented chain of custody of the journey from forest to consumer. Every last piece of wood is utilised in our manufacturing and as a result have some of the lowest wastage percentages in the industry.

    Totem Road furniture arrives securely packed in fully recyclable and biodegradable packaging. We choose not to package our pieces in petrochemical-based packaging such as polystyrene due to its large manufacturing footprint, the toxic substances it contains and its lack of biodegradability. Rest assured your packaging won't contribute to landfill or harm the environment.

    Meaningful journey

    Chain of Custody

    To us, sustainability means more than just responsible forest management. Our transparent chain of custody goes beyond certifications because we take personal care of the environment and the local communities involved in our business. Our factories are part of Totem Road and our relationship with the manufacturer dates back more than 20 years. Unlike others, we oversee every step of the production process, regularly visiting the sources of our timber and supporting our team.

    ISO9001 Certification

    Our ISO9001 certification spans continents to ensure quality management systems are in place from the beginning to the end of our manufacturing process. As a result, Totem Road furniture is produced and delivered to the highest quality standards while providing a positive and safe working environment for our teams across the globe for your enjoyment.