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    Flint Tallboy

    $2,507 $2,950 You save: 15% ($443)

    • The Flint Drawers offer elegant, unencumbered storage for all of your essentials. Handcrafted from ethically-sourced sustainable solid oak, each piece is naturally unique. Our Flint Drawers are available in two height options with two smaller drawers disrupting the symmetrical design to offer convenient storage for your smaller pieces.

    • Dove Tail Joints
      Solid oak construction
      Sleek concealed draw pulls

      Tallboy - 9 drawer
      W 1100 x H 1260 x D 500

      Lowboy - 7 drawer
      W 1100 x H 960 x D 500


    Consciously Packed

    Fully recyclable and biodegradable packaging. Rest assured your packaging won't contribute to landfill or harm the environment. Learn more about our commitment to the environemnt.

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    Experience the quality of our ethically-sourced sustainable solid oak with authentic natural grain throughout.