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At home with Talisa Sutton

At home with Talisa Sutton | Image Size:
When Talisa Sutton and her family moved from the Eastern Suburbs to Southern Sydney, one of the deciding factors was more space. Her new family home is filled with natural light and she's slowly making each room feel more like home.
Talisa recently added our Luxa Dining Table and Bench to her dining space and we sat down with her to chat sustainability, interior style and what she looks for in forever furniture.
Totem Road is about bringing nature into our homes in a responsible, timeless way. How does your home reflect conscious design and why is a mindful interior important to you?
My husband and I are both passionate about sustainability and creating (one day) a passive home. It’s so important to us when looking at improving our house, or adding new furniture, that we work within this ethos. We want to invest in pieces that are well made and built to last, as well as giving vintage pieces a new home.
Everything that enters our space is considered and we always strive to find pieces that have been made sustainability and crafted with love.
At home with Talisa Sutton | Image Size:
Your new home is a picture of natural light and natural tones - how have you ensured your home reflects your own personality and aesthetic?
It’s always a work in progress starting with a new space and while we love our new home, it’s very different in style to our previous apartments which were filled with art deco character. We chose to embrace the natural light and surroundings, and focus on finding warm, textured furnishings to offset the white walls and shutters.
The combination of new and vintage pieces and some of our favourite artwork has brought the space together and definitely made it feel more like us.
You recently added the Luxa Dining Table and Bench Seats to your dining space, how has this changed the feel of your room?
We originally had our old circular table in the dining space and while it was very much loved, we had originally purchased it for apartment living. Our new dining area is much larger and rectangular in shape, so it was the perfect opportunity to look at a family dining table which would allow us to entertain more and make the best use of the space.
At home with Talisa Sutton | Image Size:50At home with Talisa Sutton | Image Size:50
My daughter absolutely loves the bench seat, as it’s very comfortable and easy for her to use. It’s also so nice to be able to look over to the dining from the kitchen - especially when hosting and preparing meals/drinks.
We believe in the importance of heirloom pieces - what do you look for in forever furniture?
We look for pieces that will stand the test of time - not too trendy, well made with hardy materials and that will grow in character as they age.
There are so many pieces we hope to have in our home for a long time to come, and one day hand down to our daughter.

Luxa Bench
Luxa Bench
Luxa Rectangle Dining Table
Luxa Rectangle Dining Table