Rest easy with Totem Road latex mattresses
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Rest easy with Totem Road latex mattresses

Rest easy with Totem Road latex mattresses | Image Size:
With the rise of the 'bed-in-a-box' phenomenon, getting a high-quality mattress delivered to your doorstep has become as easy as the click of a mouse.
And while convenient, there are a few reasons we believe Totem Road Mattresses are a much better choice. 
Suitable for almost all sleepers
We offer just one universal mattress, because we believe it’s that good. Made from 100% Napure Latex, the Totem Road Organic Latex Mattress offers a medium firmness, ideal for those who like a little cushioning but do not want sag. As it is made from natural materials, it has superior breathability which makes it ideal for warmer climates and it’s particularly popular with allergy sufferers and those with sensitivities.
Better for you
Unlike spring or memory foam mattresses, the open-cell structure of latex makes it sag resistant and you won’t find added toxins, polyurethane foams, polyester or chemical adhesives in your Totem Road mattress - not even in the topper, as certified by the German Eco-INSTITUT.
Better for the planet, natural latex is sustainable, sourced from the sap of the rubber tree, and is biodegradable. Latex mattresses last longer and are better value for your money. While other brands offer 100 day trials or similar, we deliberately do not, ensuring no more mattresses end up in landfill and also to eliminate extra resourcing required for unnecessary recycling needs.
Rest easy with Totem Road latex mattresses | Image Size:50Rest easy with Totem Road latex mattresses | Image Size:50
Comfortable & locally made
We don’t only use sustainable and natural materials for the mattress itself, our Totem Road Organic Latex Mattresses come with a 100% Australian wool quilting underlay and wool quilted cover for better breathability and comfort. A natural temperature regulator, Australian wool helps to warm or cool for a more comfortable sleep.
Better ventilation
Traditional mattresses made with polyurethane or memory foam often have a closed-cell structure which minimise ventilation and trap heat. Our Totem Road Mattresses allow air to move in and out thanks to the pinholes and open-cell structure exclusive to natural latex. This supports better breathability for a more comfortable, cooler sleep.
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