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What does 'sustainable' really mean?

What does 'sustainable' really mean? | Image Size:
Being 'sustainable' has fast become fashionable but it's important to understand what that really means. What's considered ‘sustainable’ is constantly changing so businesses need to continue to evolve as technologies and benchmarks do.
At Totem Road, we recognise that our impact on this planet comes down to the choices we make and we try to be as mindful of our impact as possible - giving and taking in equal measure.

What does 'sustainable' really mean? | Image Size:50What does 'sustainable' really mean? | Image Size:50
We don't offer trials on our mattresses
We design 100% latex mattresses which not only hold many health and environmental benefits, but they’re super comfortable and supportive too. Many competitor brands offer 100 or 120 day trials, which is a great sales tool, but where do these mattresses go when they’re sent back? There are mattress recycling facilities but that requires additional resourcing and impact on the environment. We would rather stand by our products wholeheartedly and remove any unnecessary recycling or contribution to landfill where possible.
We use eco-friendly packaging
We ship all of our products in biodegradable and recyclable packaging and we would love to see every business doing the same. It’s more expensive, but why wouldn’t you do it?

We are considered with our materials and with our suppliers
Given wood is a renewable resource, it is in essence sustainable but not all wood and factories are the same. Totem Road uses fully sustainable, FSC® certified oak (which stands for the Forest Stewardship Council®, a certification system co-founded by WWF (World Wildlife Fund). Our wood is select-logged to support regeneration, biodiversity and the protection of native fauna. Every last piece of wood is utilised in our manufacturing and as a result, we have some of the lowest wastage percentages in the industry.

What does 'sustainable' really mean? | Image Size:
An FSC® chain of custody means that the timber comes from a forest that is responsibly managed. Trees in the certified forests are grown and harvested according to a strict set of guidelines that benefit the environment. These guidelines include things like limiting the number of trees cut down, restricting highly hazardous pesticides and protecting indigenous communities as well as wildlife habitats.
As a consumer, it's also important to understand how the manufacturers are treated by the brands they’re working for. Are they paid fairly? Are they looked after? We have extremely close relationships with our factories and during the disruptions and uncertainties of Covid, we continued to pay our workers in Vietnam despite not having any product being made or shipped.
We believe in the future of sustainable furniture
The future looks exciting! We believe it looks like more businesses doing the absolute best they can for the future of our planet and our children’s children. It looks like being more conscious with our decisions as consumers and making sustainable choices looks like the norm.

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