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Get to Know 'New Light'


Get to Know 'New Light' | Image Size:

Introducing, our New Light story. Meet Ostara, Arlo, Juno and No. 1.

Dancing between between softness and structure, New Light, made up of travertine, marble and solid oak, is designed to elevate the every day. It sees the introduction of travertine for the first time as well as our own Totem Road dining chairs. The combination of thoughtful materials, organic shapes and a neutral palette allows the pieces to humbly hero any room, while pairing back effortlessly with both subtle or statement pieces.

Designed in house with the intention to create objects that can coexist in a contemporary way, at its essence, this edit is an elevated yet minimal offering, but from different angles or different times of the day, shadow and light unveil so much more than first meets the eye.

A discovery.

A realisation.

A new light.

Invite Connection - The Ostara Dining Table

Combining thoughtful materials, organicshapes and a neutral palette the Ostara makes a statement dining table. Designed in house by Francesco Feliziani, the Ostara Dining Table was inspired by the fine interaction between light and dark, and the intention to create objects that can coexist in a contemporary way. 

With the option of an elegant Carrara Marble or Travertine top set on a solid oak base, this striking design balances softness and structure for an entirely unique and refined finish.

Get to Know 'New Light' | Image Size:

Available in 1500mm and 1250mm diameter, the introduction of natural stones gives the customer more variety to choose from. Both Carrara Marble and Travertine come straight from the earth, don’t require other resources to create it and of which, there is an abundant supply. Most importantly, it is timeless; exceptionally durable and if cared for, its lifespan is infinite.

Made from FSC certified oak, the statement design with organic curves has been meticulously crafted to ensure a long lifetime.With a solid oak base, natural oil finish and natural stone top, the Ostara is a durable and sophisticated addition to any home.

Thoughtful Finishes - The Arlo Coffee Table and Juno Side Tables

Crafted from solid oak bases with the option of Cararra Marble or Travertine tops, the Arlo Round Coffee Table and Juno High and Low Side Tables make for statement finishes to any room.

Get to Know 'New Light' | Image Size:

Thoughtfully designed, combining natural materials, organic shapes and a neutral palette, these designs fulfilboth form and functionality. Pair together for a consistent and seamless style or let the designs  tell their own stories.

Relaxed Minimalism - The No.1 Dining Chair

A minimalist design statement, the No.1 Dining Chair is handcrafted from solid oak,  intentionally speaking its own design language paired with exceptional craftsmanship that adds to its timeless quality.

Get to Know 'New Light' | Image Size: 

Designed to support the natural contours of the body, the solid timber construction ensures a long-lasting finish while the simple shape makes this chair easy to style in any environment. With durability front of mind, the No.1 Dining Chair exudes a relaxed minimalism that transcends trends or seasons.

"A chair we can all relate to, we experience and interact with tens, hundreds of different chairs during our lifetime and despite all of them being different, we would likely summarise the dining chair as something that could look like the No.1. We removed rather than added to for a simplistic but refined chair that will grow through life with you." - Francesco Feliziani


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