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Our outlet offering, explained.

At Totem Road, we ensure nothing goes to waste and as such, have an online outlet made up of display, ex-floorstock, samples and out of box. 
What this means, is that our outlet is home to a wide variety of pieces that vary in condition – some are brand new with no physical damage but are simply out of their original packaging, and others may require a little love to bring them back to their best. All items have been described per their condition and the discounts reflect this.

Brand New & Unboxed: New without packaging

Good: Very minor signs of wear such as small marks or scuffs

Fair: Show some signs of wear or damage including scratches, marks or scuffsor otherwise stated

The Problem
Each year in Australia, the equivalent of 800,000 three-seater sofas, 1.65 million dining tables or 3.4 million coffee tables, are thrown away and while our disposable culture is an underlying cause, so too is the poor quality of modern, mass-market furniture.
How Totem Road is Part of the Solution
As a certified B-Corp brand, we start our process with environmentally conscious designs as this means there is less waste and also helps to mitigate damage to the environment.

We champion the production of responsibly made furniture, we know where and how our products are made and who crafted them.
We believe one of the best strategies for sustainable living is to make and buy things that last so the quality and longevity of exceptional design is paramount to this.
Our outlet stock all carries the same quality, the same purpose and the same mindfulness to the environment - the products just may have been damaged in transit or delivery, the customer experienced change of mind or they've lived on our gallery floor in their past life.
Like all Totem Road designs, our outlet stock is imbued with conscious design and longevity designed to be left to future generations instead of landfill.
If you don't mind the beauty of unique marks and wear, then our outlet stock is a great place to find your next forever piece of furniture.

We invite you to join us in being part of the solution instead of the problem.