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As one of the third pillars of health, alongside nutrition and exercise, investing in your sleep is one of the key ways to enhance your wellbeing. 
We chat with Interior Designer, Kate Lawrence about the journey of turning her passion into a career and her tips on which furniture pieces you should consider investing in when decorating your home.
Now is the perfect time to bring warmth and comfort to your home as the cooler months approach. Discover our simple decorating ideas that will turn any space into a sanctuary that inspires relaxation.
Every detail of our furniture plays a part in bringing you a timeless piece that has been designed to last a lifetime and connect you with it’s natural origin. Read on to discover why we only use responsibly sourced materials to consciously and sustainably craft our authentic furniture pieces.
Every detail that goes into the journey of crafting your new furniture piece is carefully thought out to ensure that we’re continually reducing our footprint and achieving the most responsible stewardship of the planet possible. 
We chat with Leah and Fliss of Interior Design & Styling Studio, Bone Made to discover their wisdom for styling a timeless and authentic home that is inspired by nature. 
The journey to designing furniture that is both timeless and durable begins with the materials and that’s why we wanted to bring you behind the scenes to share why we choose to craft our furniture from ethically-sourced sustainable solid oak.
Introducing our new limited edition Nova Collection. For a short time only, we're giving you the chance to save 25%. Take advantage of free shipping Australia wide when you place an order this February. Shop online or visit our Paddington showroom. 
Having a workspace that feels elevated and inspiring is essential to a successful workday at home. Discover our top three ways to style our new Watts and Isabel desks so that you can style a workspace that allows you to find focus and flow throughout the day.
We chat with Interior Designers, Sarah and Heather of Oak & Orange about their tips for creating a home office sanctuary that is both functional and inspiring. 
To celebrate the launch of our new Watts and Isabel desks we're giving you the chance to save 25% off when you shop online or visit our Paddington Showroom. 
Create a sense of sanctuary within your home by choosing the perfect statement crystals for your space. Discover our tips for knowing which crystals to choose for different rooms within your home and how to care for your crystals to ensure that they continue to elevate your space.