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We spoke to Totem Road  brand and marketing consultant, Kelly Müller, about the process, the vision and the memories she hopes to make in her home build. She recently added the Totem Road Luxa Dining Table after considering the impact its production had on the environment as well as how it was made and how long it would last.
The living room is often the primary space for entertaining, connecting and gathering so it's important to consider designs that are as inviting as they are comfortable.There are endless possibilities when it comes to decorating this communal area but before you add the finishing touches, let's take a look at the five must haves for function and flow.
Each year in Australia, the equivalent of 800,000 three-seater sofas, 1.65 million dining tables or 3.4 million coffee tables, are thrown away and while our disposable culture is an underlying cause, so too is the poor quality of modern, mass-market furniture.
Made from sustainable solid oak and 100% linen cushions, the Sage Sofa is a relaxed and elevated addition to Totem Road. Our newest offering features a low to the ground profile and curved edges, with four solid round legs.
When Melbourne creative, Erin Maxwell, undertook the huge task of renovating a heritage property just before covid hit, she couldn't have known what was to come. Lockdowns and restrictions made the process much longer but she tells us the "end is in sight after a few long years."
When Talisa Sutton and her family moved from the Eastern Suburbs to Southern Sydney, one of the deciding factors was more space. Her new family home is filled with natural light and she's slowly making each room feel more like home. We sat down with her to chat sustainability, interior style and what she looks for in forever furniture.
With the rise of the 'bed-in-a-box' phenomenon, getting a high-quality mattress delivered to your doorstep has become as easy as the click of a mouse. And while convenient, there are a few reasons we believe Totem Road Mattresses are a much better choice.
At Totem Road, we recognise that our impact on this planet comes down to the choices we make and we try to be as mindful of our impact as possible - giving and taking in equal measure. What's considered ‘sustainable’ is constantly changing so businesses need to continue to evolve as technologies and benchmarks do. 
With her work sold and exhibited at the Sydney Opera House, Sainte Cloche Gallery, the Australian Design Centre and our very own Totem Road Gallery in Paddington NSW, Milly Dent is a celebrated ceramic artist inspired by everything from gem stones to sculptural form. We spoke with Milly to find out more about what inspires her and what she loves to make most.
Director and Owner of made to order bed linen brand MILOU MILOU and our very own General Manager here at Totem Road, Jo Steel is passionate, driven and intentional. Having recently moved into a new home in Bondi Beach, we sat down with Jo to found out more about her interior style and personal purchase decisions.
Whether you're starting from scratch, renovating or simply redecorating, incorporating natural stone into your décor will add an instant touch of luxury. This tried-and-tested material has an undeniable appeal and our Carrara Marble comes straight from the earth, is durable and if cared for, it's lifespan infinite.
After winning The Block with his brother Simon back in 2014, Shannon Vos  has been very busy. Between interior design, renovating, writing for Inside Out and and raising two "rough-and-tumble" boys, his days are very full. We caught up with Shannon to talk his recent renovation, design inspiration, family, furniture and the future.