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Imagined to bring people together through its clever and considered design, our new Coral Oval Dining Table encourages a relaxed, intimate and flexible experience.  Comfortably seating 6 or up to 8 for more casual gatherings, here, Product Designer, Francesco Feliziani talks us through the inspiration and the unique design elements. 
A creative collaboration born from a shared love of nature and the desire to bring meaningful and sustainable objects into the home, New Zealand artist Meg Gallagher is bringing to life the concept of ‘home’ in a solo exhibition to be held at the Totem Road Gallery, opening Thursday 23 February.
Known for their bright, white, 'modern coastal' aesthetic, HAAUS Design was founded by friends Alliera and Rebecca. Having built, renovated, designed and transformed multiple homes and properties, we spoke to Alliera and Rebecca to find out more about their most recent project in Shell Cove, NSW, HAAUS #3.
Frontera House aims to reduce the environmental and chemical impacts of a renovation whilst supporting trades, businesses and collaborators who believe in a better future.  We're thrilled to have partnered with Frontera House for their build and checked in with the duo to get an update on their reno to date.
With the end of the year in sight, it's the perfect time to reflect, connect and dream up the year ahead. The past couple of years have been a whirlwind of ups and downs and at Totem Road, we are proud to have maintained our core beliefs while navigating many challenges.
Totem Road is a sustainable furniture brand deeply rooted in doing what's best for the planet. Find out more about what we intend to achieve in 2023.
Shop consciously this holiday season and discover something memorable and meaningful. Explore our home decor and gift something beautiful and lasting to the ones you love.
After listening to a podcast with stylist Natalie Walton and leading biologist Nicole Biljsma, Sara Crampton of Harper and Harley and The UNDONE recently made the change to a Totem Road Organic Latex Mattress. Find out why.
The living room is often the primary space for entertaining, connecting and gathering so it's important to consider designs that are as inviting as they are comfortable.There are endless possibilities when it comes to decorating this communal area but before you add the finishing touches, let's take a look at the five must haves for function and flow.
Each year in Australia, the equivalent of 800,000 three-seater sofas, 1.65 million dining tables or 3.4 million coffee tables, are thrown away and while our disposable culture is an underlying cause, so too is the poor quality of modern, mass-market furniture.
Made from sustainable solid oak and 100% linen cushions, the Sage Sofa is a relaxed and elevated addition to Totem Road. Our newest offering features a low to the ground profile and curved edges, with four solid round legs.
When Melbourne creative, Erin Maxwell, undertook the huge task of renovating a heritage property just before covid hit, she couldn't have known what was to come. Lockdowns and restrictions made the process much longer but she tells us the "end is in sight after a few long years."
When Talisa Sutton and her family moved from the Eastern Suburbs to Southern Sydney, one of the deciding factors was more space. Her new family home is filled with natural light and she's slowly making each room feel more like home. We sat down with her to chat sustainability, interior style and what she looks for in forever furniture.